You wouldn’t believe the myths that are out there about dentures. Or, maybe you would. That is the problem, after all. Myths spread like wildfires and it takes very little for misinformation to cause confusion for many people. We cannot possibly list all of the myths about dentures here, but we will take a look at some of the most common myths so you can get the truth of the matter.

1- Dentures Last Forever

Oh how nice it would be to buy a set of dentures and live with them for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, dentures average a lifetime of about eight years, so it is very likely that you’ll replace them once or twice at least.

2- Dentures Look Fake

Nothing beats the natural tooth, that is for sure. But it is not true that all dentures look fake. Some dentures are more appealing than others, so learn more about the types of dentures fort payne dental centers have available so you get the best for your needs.

3- It is Impossible to Eat While Wearing Dentures

It takes adjustment, but it is not impossible to eat while wearing dentures. Dentists recommend that wearers avoid chewy foods like steak. However, the list of foods that you can still eat ensures you enjoy all the things that you love the most.

4- Dentures are Expensive

types of dentures fort payne

Denture costs vary and many factors impact their costs, including the material and the style. Dentures offer one of the most affordable tooth replacement options available in the dentistry field.

5- You Don’t Need to visit the Dentist After Dentures

It is important that you visit the dentist to get relines and repairs on the dentures as your jaw bone and structure changes. This need isn’t frequent but nonetheless sends you back into the dental chair.