Gone are the days when a wallet full of cash was a huge flex. People now choose to carry light when it comes to money. What can be lighter than a plastic card that fits in your wallet?

Credit and debit cards have made it easy to buy things worth thousands of dollars with the swipe of the card. The Columbia Bank Colonia, and every other region in the country have now made it highly easy to apply for a debit or a credit card.

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Though both credit and card can be similar in appearance, they are some differences when it comes to transactions.

Credit cards                                                                           

A credit card permits you to borrow money from a financial institution that has issued the card.

The card comes with a set borrowing limit, beyond which the user is not allowed to make any purchase. This limit can be increased or decreased depending upon the policies that apply.

A credit card not only comes with a line dept, but it also comes with better card and fraud protections. However, maintenance of a credit card can be but costly.

Debit cards

When a purchase is made using a debit card, the money spend is deducted directly from the bank account. There is no borrowing limit; you can spend only the amount that is in your account.

A debit card does not come with extraordinary card protection benefits; however, the maintenance is much cheaper than a credit card.


Credit and debit cards have made carrying money safer and easier. When choosing a card, a credit card is a more preferred option as it allows you to loan money and pay it later.

At the same time, a debit card dips into your saving funds. But if loaning money doesn’t seem comfortable, then a debit card is a perfect choice.