Have you ever wondered how and when public bathrooms and port-a-potties get cleaned?  If you have, then you may want to consider commercial bathroom sanitation services denver co.  It is through this process that these bathrooms become cleaned and sanitized for our use.

Waste removal

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The first part of the process is waste removal.  There is a waste truck that will come up and with a suction hose remove all the solid and liquid waste from the bathroom.  This is sealed in a secure container that will eventually get disposed of properly.

Wash down

Once the waste is removed the area will be washed down with a high powered hose.  This will ensure that there are no germs or other materials in the bathroom.  Once this is done it is once again cleaned with the waste removal hose ensuring that the area is clean. 


The next step is the refill.  In the refill process water, chemicals and paper are returned to the bathroom making it usable again.  This process is then repeated for any other port-a-potty in the area.

When it comes to cleaning these bathrooms it is very important that no waste or hazardous material be exposed to the outside environment.  If for some reason the bathroom is not cleanable, it will be removed by sealing the doors, the item lifted onto the truck and hauled away.  From there a new one will be returned.

Using a bathroom

When out, you want to make an inspection of the bathroom before using it.  You want to make sure that there is nothing left behind or anything that could harm you.  From there lock the door and use the facilities as normal.  Once completed, finish your business and leave the bathroom in the same condition that you found it.  If we all show proper respect keeping the bathrooms clean and usable for others will make the entire process more enjoyable.